If your tracking an event it is very easy for us to integrate timing and a leaderboard. Times are taken directly from the tracker or scanned in using a barcode scanner.

GPRS timing comes from the Geofence capabilities of the trackers and is very easy to use as it is automatic. You simply set points along the route that you would like timing for. You do this by giving us the latitude and longitude of the points. As a tracker moves past this point, the time is automatically put into the leaderboard.

With this system, it will only be to the closest 90 seconds or to what the tracker is set to send out on. This means it isn’t 100% accurate. What most events do, is use this for timing out on the course but add in a barcode scanner at the finish line. The barcode scanner involves someone scanning people as they cross the line. This time is then put into the leaderboard as an accurate finish time.

Note – the bar code scanning can be used on its own with no trackers. Examples of bar code only results can be seen at http://results.trackmelive.com.au/

All times, splits, etc appear directly on the leaderboard next to the map. All results are accessible by a back end where they can be edited or overwritten. The system also allows for penalties and time credits to be put in.

It is a great system and we are happy to talk through if it might work well with your event.