We have two ways of timing. Directly from the tracker using Geofencing and scanning using a hand held PDA. Both put results onto an online leaderboard.

Geofence Timing –

  • Simply Enter up to 10 places where you would like the leaderboard to update using it’s Latitude and Longitude
  • As competitors pass through this place, the trackers automatically send times to the leaderboard and update it
  • Integrate the leaderboard into your live web tracking map so everyone can see
  • You can also manually update timings in the easy to use back end as a back up.
  • It is important to know that timing is to the nearest 90 seconds – it isn’t exact.

Bar Code Timing

  • Generally events can use Geofence timing for out on the course but may want a more accurate finish time
  • This can be done by scanning people as they cross the finish line using a hand held PDA
  • All you need to do ask your printer to include a barcode (type 128) on your race bibs.
  • Results are beamed up to the web automatically where everyone can then see them straight away
  • Most events will use the trackers for on course timing and Bar code timing at the finish line – both sets of times will appear on the one leaderboard.
  • It is possible to use only Bar Code timing at CPs and the finish line without trackers. This is an economical solution
  • Examples of results can be seen at http://results.trackmelive.com.au/