Hire Costs

We charge a base fee and a tracker hire fee. The fees are based on the number of calendar days of the event.

Tracking / Mapping

  • $18 per tracker for the first calendar day and $5 for each subsequent calendar day (ie $18 for one day, $23 for two days, $28 for 3 days)
  • there is a mapping set up fee of $550
  • if you need a second map for your event (ie you want to separate your logistics) a second map with no logos or social media links can be provided for free
  • plus postage
  • an example of a recently tracked event is http://live.trackmelive.com.au/terranova20/

Timing / Online Leaderboard 

If you are using the trackers for timing the costs are 
  • $2 per day per tracker for timing and leaderboard plus a $300 set up fee 
  • this includes provision of 2x PDAs to record or scan accurate finish times

Bar Code Timing (No Trackers)

 If you are not using the trackers you can still use the barcode timing and the online leaderboard system. The costs are
  • $500 set up fee
  • $3 per person
  • this includes provision of 4xPDAs to record timing at CPs and Finish Line (we recommend 2xPDAs at each timing point). 
  • results are posted live to http://results.trackmelive.com.au/

All prices are for use inside Australia.

We currently have 400 trackers available for hire. If you require more please contact us as we are able to bring in more from our partners overseas.

If you are located outside Australia, we can still track your event as our trackers can roam internationally. As a guide you would need to add $10 per tracker and additional postage to the above prices.

You are liable for the replacement costs of any lost or broken trackers. $330 inc GST per unit.

Read our hire agreement here