In this age of risk management, using the trackers at your event can add several more layers of safety management. Knowing where everyone is at any one time is invaluable. Someone is late? No problem, look where they are and go out to meet them.

Another important safety feature is that each device has an “SOS” button. If this button is pressed, it will send an SOS SMS directly to your phone that includes their latitude and longitude and a link to their position on a google map*. This message can be sent up to 3 different phones. The trackers use the Telstra mobile network in Australia and will work in many areas other telecommunication providers won’t work.

Event Logistics Map

Why not hire a few extra trackers and run a private “event only” map separately to the “public” map. You can track your first aid staff, trucks, sweeps, and other staff’s position. Knowing where everyone is at a glance can save a lot of time and manpower. It can make safety decisions and responses much more efficient.

“Thanks again for organising the trackers. I think they were quite popular and they seemed to work well. It was an awesome safety feature as well. We had two or three teams that were a couple of hours late getting back due to bike mechanical failure. We were able to keep an eye on them, then pick them up when they made it to the nearest trailhead” Liam St Pierre, Director Rogue 24hr Adventure Race

“We used the 45 trackers for the first aid response teams and sweeps for North Face 100km Ultra Run. In areas with good network coverage, the trackers were a great help in tasking our teams and watching their progress as they approached a patient. We could even tell when they stopped to take a rest or collect the patient. We also had trackers on the top-seeded runners and this was helpful in knowing when the leaders were approaching checkpoints so we could make sure all race staff were ready. The trackers also enabled us to monitor the runners and we could tell if any missed a turn or got off the route. These trackers add another layer of safety for endurance events.” Lucas Trihey, Safety and Risk Management Consultant

**Note: These devices should not be relied upon totally for your safety communication needs. Devices may break or become damaged, be affected by weather and location, and be subject to user error, and/or many other factors. You should always have multiple means of emergency communication.