We use 2 types of trackers in our mapping. GPRS use Telstra signal to get messages out and Satellite trackers for areas with no mobile signal.

Trackers – GPRS

We have a  fleet of 400  GL300W GPRS trackers for events. These robust little units are approximately the size of a matchbox and weigh only 72 grams. They send out their location to the maps at intervals from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.  The longer the send interval the longer the battery will last.  Talk to TML staff to choose the best interval for your event.  See the table below for battery life vs message below.

The trackers are GPS units which means they use satellites to work out their position then they send this information to a LIVE MAP on the web using the mobile network. They use mainly the Telstra 3G and 4G Networks in Australia but can also roam on other networks. They even have coverage out to sea in most places for 20 to 30km! Outside of Australia, they roam on local telecommunication provider towers.

Read our how to use trackers information here.

Visit Telstra’s Mobile Coverage Map to see if your area is covered.

Tracker Size: 78mm high x 40 mm wide x 22mm deep. Total weight 72g. A little larger than a matchbox

The trackers are not water proof but can be supplied with a waterproof bag.

They are rechargeable units and are able to send out messages at the following interval.

Message Interval Expected Battery Life
90 seconds 28 Hours*
2 minutes 32 Hours*
3 minutes 48Hours*
5 minutes 72 Hours*
10 minutes 96 Hours*
* battery life can be reduced by cloud cover, tree cover, being indoors, and cold temperatures.

If you require the tracker for a longer event where you will not have access to power to recharge, we are able to supply an external lithium battery in a waterproof pelican casing. This greatly increases the battery life of the units.

Trackers – Satellite

If the area that you are operating in has no mobile signal, often the only choice is to use a Satellite Device. We don’t own any devices but regularly facilitate hiring them from a 3rd party. The specific device we would recommend depends on your individual circumstances.

All Satellite devices carry a higher price tag than a GPRS unit. Generally, a low end would start at $80 per tracker right through to $200. Pricing changes depending on trackers hired and whether you need 2 way messaging.

Trackers we have used in the past include SPOT trackers, YB trackers, and InReach Trackers.

All trackers use the same mapping system (front end) as the GRPS.

It is a complicated area and one we are happy to provide general advice on over the phone if you think you may be interested.