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Trackers are a great for events that have previously been hard to watch, due to participants moving over large distances in inaccessible areas. Trackers send their latest position to a google map that anyone can view on their phone, tablet or...

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Affordable Tracking

From $22 per tracker, it is an affordable option for your event.

Hire Costs


Trackers We hire out GL300W GPRS trackers for events. These robust little units are approximately the size of a match box and weigh only 72 grams. They send out their location to the maps at 90 second intervals. This interval

Social Media / Sponsor Logos

We can now add social media overlays and sponsor logos to your map for a great easy to use live web site. Take a look at the example of the Mountain Designs GeoQuest. (Note event timing is extra).


Expedition Tracking Need tracking for your remote expedition? We can create a custom web site for people to follow your every move that is also bound to keep your sponsors happy. We hire out special Satellite trackers for this that

What Directors Say

"The trackers have been a great addition to The North Face 100 live site and we will be using them for every year from now on. They provide a great spectacle for the live website for not just friends of the top runners but for people all over the world to watch. They really add to the excitement. They also allow us to know exactly when to expect the first runner to each checkpoint on the course. They are lightweight at 65g and the size of a matchbox. People don't mind carrying them."

Tom Landon-Smith AROC SPORT, Director TNF100km Ultra Run