Q: How do I know if they will work in my area?

A: Visit Telstra’s Mobile Coverage Map to see if your area is covered. The devices only need marginal coverage to work.

Q: Do you have trackers that will work in areas that don’t have mobile coverage?

A: If the area that you are operating in has no mobile signal, often the only choice is to use a Satellite Device. We don’t own any devices but regularly facilitate hiring them from a 3rd party. The specific device we would recommend depends on your individual circumstances. All Satellite devices carry a higher price tag than a GPRS unit. Generally, a low end would start at $80 per tracker right through to $200. Pricing changes depending on trackers hired and whether you need 2 way messaging.

Q: Can I set them on intervals less than 90 sec?

A: Yes we can offer tracking at less than 90 secs intervals with intervals down to 10 seconds. However shorter intervals will reduce battery life. Please discuss this with us if you require shorter intervals.

Q: How should I position the tracker?

A: The general precept is that you need to carry the tracker with as much view of the sky as possible ie in the top of your pack. As each event has different setups, ie some have bikes, some are running, some have horses, the best thing to do is through our how to use file where we cover what works well in each situation.  

Q: What are your terms and conditions for hiring?

A: Read through our Hire Agreement

Q: How do I create an overlay for the map?

A: The easiest thing to do is send us a GPX or KML file of your route. If you do not have one, you can create one using Google Earth. Read through our how to create an overlay file here. Don’t worry if it isn’t neat, we can edit it and put in appropriate icons once we receive it.

Q: Can I iframe the map into my website?

A: While this is possible, it is highly discouraged. The reason for this is that the maps and leaderboards are optimised to work across all devices including mobiles. Once you iframe it, it can become very messy and hard to view.